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Lancaster Stretcher and Shrinkers

air shrinker strecher stand

Table Stand not included.

16ga mild steel capacity. Works on flange up to 2" wide. Forms curve as small as about 1" radius. Forms complete circle with minimum diameter of 2" (shrinker formed circle would be in two pieces if under 6" diameter). Works on any malleable aluminum or steel and many other soft metals, even some vinyl. The bodies are cast iron. The jaws are hardened tool steel to last longer than most careers. Parts including replacement jaws are available if ever (rarely) needed.

Made in the USA.

Body, Shrinker Jaws, and Handle


Body, Stretcher Jaws, and Handle


One Body with, Shrinker Cartridge, Stretcher Cartridge, & Handle


Two Bodies with, one Shrinker Cartridge, one Stretcher Cartridge, & Two Handles


Replacement Parts:


Cartridge with Jaws


Body & Handle