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Skateboard Roll Set (3 Rolls)

Jamey Jordan Signature Series

Skateboard Roll Set  image

Part # 202-108 $205.00

Product Description

Jamey Jordan Signature Series

This three roll set will allow you to use the bottom die with any existing top die to create any bead profile you can imagine. Three different hardness rolls are included.

Durometer or "Hardness" of the rolls:

Black = 60 $70

Orange = 80 $70

Blue = 90 $70


For Use with all Standard (1-1/8" Throat) Bead Rollers

Models: 210-24, 210-24NV, 200-36, 200-36NV, 200-42, 210-24M, 202-24, 202-24NV, 202-36 & 202-36NV

These Rolls Work Best When Used With A Bead Roller With Adjustable Shaft

All Standard Roll Sets 2-1/2" OD x 3/4" ID