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Jamey Jordan Signature Series Universal Grove Roll

Universal Grove Roll

Part #: 202-104 $70.00

Product Description

Jamey Jordan Signature Series

When combined with Model # 202-101 the user can carve fairly detailed designs with minimal pressure.

This die will achieve deep amounts of depth and allow the user large amounts of shading.

When combined with any of the standard bead rolls the user can archive a very similar look as the bead die but without the hard edges and tool marks of the standard lower bead.


For Use with all Standard (1-1/8" Throat) Bead Rollers,

This die will achieve a light amount of depth and shading detail.

Models: 210-24, 210-24NV, 200-36, 200-36NV, 200-42 & 210-24M

These Rolls Work Best When Used With A Bead Roller With Adjustable Shaft

This Roll Is Made From Nylatron Plastic

Bead Size Indicates Width

All Standard Roll Sets 2-1/2" OD x 3/4" ID

Install With MB Stamp Toward Machine


Standard Bead Rolls Are Designed For Up To 19Ga. (.040") Thick Mild Steel.

Thicker Metal - 18Ga. & 16Ga. (.050" & .062") Requires Larger Female Roll To Form Proper Bead Roll Profile. i.e. 1/4" Male & 3/8" Female