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MetalAce English Wheel 22B

The Metal Ace 22B English Wheel is a great wheel for the home but very handy in the larger shops for small panels. Wheel can mounted on a bench, held in a vise, or used with the optional stand. Patch panels, motorcycle fenders, tanks, or aircraft panels can easily be formed. Lower anvil can be trued to the upper wheel by using the adjusting screws below the axle. 18 ga. capacity can be increased to 16 ga. by using the optional stiffening brace. The Metal Ace 22B English wheel is made in the USA out of heavy tubing then power coated for long life.

MetalAce 22B English Wheel
22B Deluxe shown w/ optional Floor Stand

Shown with Optional Stiffener Brace

22B Specifications

  • Height: 29"
  • Width: 27"
  • Standard working height (from bench top): 16 1/2"
  • Standard working height (with optional stand): 42 3/4"
  • Base: 6" x 19"
  • Throat: 22"
  • Weight: approximately 73 lbs.
  • Upper wheel: 8" dia. x 2" wide 1045 alloy steel billet, polished to a smooth 63 finish
  • Machine comes standard with one 3.25 R. anvil wheel (Deluxe includes all 6 standard anvils)
  • Additional wheels and stand sold separately
  • Can be mounted to a bench, clamped in a vice or used with the optional welded floor stand
  • Anvil yoke is adjustable on both sides of the axle support with thumb screws so the anvil wheel can be trued with the upper wheel
  • Capacity of 18 gauge steel and up to .080" aluminum (capacity increases with optional stiffener brace)
  • Features can be rolled into the center of a 44" panel

Stock Items

22B Benchtop English Wheel (p/n MA22B)
(Includes 3.25" R. anvil wheel)

22B Deluxe English Wheel (p/n MA22B-Deluxe)
(Includes 1.00"R, 2.50"R, 3.25"R, 5.00"R, 8.50"R, and Flat Anvils)

Optional Floor Stand (p/n MA22BStand)

Optional Stiffener Brace (p/n MA22B-Brace)
Increases capacity to 16 ga mild steel, .090" Aluminum. NOTE: throat depth is reduced.

Individual Anvil Wheels

anvil wheels

1.00" R. Anvil (p/n MA2-1.00) $98.00

2.50" R. Anvil (p/n MA2-2.375) $98.00

3.25" R. Anvil (p/n MA2-3.25, included with 22B) $98.00

5.00" R Anvil (p/n MA2-5.00) $98.00

8.50" R. Anvil (p/n MA2-8.50) $98.00

Flat Anvil (p/n MA2-Flat) $98.00

Specialty Anvil Wheels

MetalAce Specialty Anvil Wheels

5.00" R Narrow Anvil (p/n MA2-5.00N, shown right) $98.00

5.00" R Narrow Offset Anvil (p/n MA2-5.00NO, shown left) $98.00

1.00" R Edging Anvil (p/n MA2-1.00E, shown center) $98.00

The above three anvils combines ease of tracking for a smooth metal finish with three special side profiles to negotiate existing panel features. The narrow anvil wheel is particularly useful in developing sharp transition bends in panels and tighter angle accessibility. The narrow offset is used in tracking completely up to a flange.