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Clecos, Cleco Pliers, and Side Grip Clamps

Clecos were developed for the aircraft industry. They are used to hold panels together and in alignment while fabricating such as wings and fuselage by clamping two pieces of metal together through a small hole. After all the fitting is done the clecos are removed one at time and replaced with solid rivets. Clecos can be used over and over on many jobs. They are great to use in any type of sheet metal fabrication as race car bodies, aluminum interior, replacing quarter panels and even heat and air duct work. Clecos are available in several sizes but we keep the two most popular 1/8" and 3/16". The 1/8" is used when the hole is going to welded up when done and the 3/16" is used in dirt track body fabrication because 3/16" rivets are used to hold the panels together when the fab work is done.

1/8 Diameter

image of 1/8th clecos

A package of 20 pieces 1/8" (copper) Kiwk-Lok clecos.


3/16 Diameter

image of 3/16ths clecos

A package of 20 pieces 3/16" (gold) Kiwk-Lok clecos.



image of cleco pliers

For use with all spring loaded fasteners and clamps.


1" Side Grip Clamps

image of side grip clamps

These clamps can be applied in a fraction of the time required for ordinary screw clamps and assures uniform pressure by eliminating hand tightening. 1" reach. 0-3/4" capacity. Provides 70 lbs. of clamping pressure. Uses standard Cleco Pliers.