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MetalAce Bullseye Pick

Originally designed for the collision / dent repair trade, a bullseye pick also works very well for restoration projects. In our trade, custom metal shaping & fabrication, they are ideal for the fabricator who needs to metal finish the area surrounding a weld seam on fabricated body work. Bullseye Picks are made by Metal Ace in the USA. Top arm of the tool serves both to locate low spots in panels and act as a dolly. The lower arm is then used to pick these spots to metal finish the panels so that filler is not needed. A return spring is used to return lower arm for more blows. Arms are designed for clearance around door frames, braces, and other obstacles. Both sharp tip and a blunt tips are included with each unit. Two models are available---a 15" reach and a 25" reach.

MABP15 15" Reach Bullseye Pick $109.95

MABP25 25" Reach Bullseye Pick $119.95

image of Bullseye Pick
image of Bullseye blunt tip

Blunt Tip

Bullseye Pick