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Bead Rollers

Gulley Performance Center sells a large variety of Bead Rollers. There are models for different types and gauges of metal. Bead Rollers are used to put beads or designs in panels for strengthening or appearance. Can be used on race cars, street rods, making replacement panels for auto restorations, heat-air duct work, and popular now to create metal art. Dies are also available to form sealing beads on tubing for air induction systems and coolant lines. Over one hundred different bead profiles are available. Blank dies are available to make your own special shapes. The Bead Rollers we sell are made in the USA.

picture of Mittler Bros. 210 Electric beadroller

Mittler Bros. 210 Electric

picture of Mittler Bros. 204 beadroller

Mittler Bros. 204

picture of Jamey Jordan beadroller

Jamey Jordan Signature Series

picture of Mittler Bros. 210 Manual beadroller

Mittler Bros. 210 Manual

picture of Pro Tools Model 2 beadroller

Pro Tools Model 2