Gulley Performance Center

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Femi&Carif Band Saws

Gulley Performance Center has a selection of Femi and Carif band saws. Femi are light weight and can easily be carried to the work area. They have different speeds available to cut various types of material. Precision cuts are not a problem with these saws just make the cut and use the parts no grinding to fit. They are manufactured in Italy to the the highest standards and carry a one year parts warranty.

Carif Double Miter series saws are a very usefull addition to machine shops and full service metal fabrication shops. The hydraulic system is controlled by the movable console to set the most appropriate cutting pressure and feed rate. This pressure is also used to operate the vise for holding the work piece. Saw head can rotated to produce miter cuts 60 degrees left, 45 degrees right, and any angle in between. Recirculating coolant system is included as standard equipment. Saws are manufactured in Italy and carry a one year parts warranty.