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Air Tool Rack

Are you tired of searching for your air tools when needing one in a hurry. These air tool racks allow you to organize and keep your tools in one location instead of a drawer in the tool box. This gives easy access at all times and frees up space in the tool box. The racks may be mounted to a wall or tool box in your shop or even in the race trailer. They are precision lazer cut from steel and power coated for long life. Racks are manufactured in the USA.

  • Part # 6020 23" Long Holds 13 Files $14.95
  • Part # 6010 Short Length (for two post lifts) 8" Long holds four tools $14.50
  • Part # 6011 Medium Length 21" Long holds 11 tools $19.95
  • Part # 6012 Long Length 36" Long Holds 19 tools $26.95
image of Air Tool Rack